Tips to get a good web host

In this ever-changing world, where new discoveries and inventions are too frequent, where machines are gradually taking place of humans. Precision, Efficiency, Accuracy, Innovations, Improvisations are the go to words as a mantra to the organisations. The margin for the error is very less, or no error at all. So in this digital era to tap the market on the larger scale, to increase the profitability; the sole purpose to do business, is to go digital. To get a host who can provide professional web hosting services  for your enterprise and what if the services being provided are affordable as well. Is it really a daydreaming of getting a good web hosting services which are professional and affordable at the same time? There are thousands of hosting providers which often project them as the end to your needs.  They do is by advertising about the services and feature that you don’t need or projecting the features and services, which are not the services at the first place, but part of hosting like a gluten-free sticker on an apple, they’re trying to make their product appear better by highlighting a feature which intrinsic to all such products.

Despite this, it’s not too awfully difficult to differentiate the good from the bad in this regard. It more just about believes what you really need, here are few tips:

1. David V/s Goliath:

There are Goliaths (giants) like Go Daddy, Word press and Big rock which seems very catchy to ears, very pleasing to eyes and provides Great Customer Support, 24*7 handholding, intimidating documentation and never-ending attempts to up sell their products and services, and projects themselves as if you go for their plan, this will be end to all the miseries and a dawn to a new era, which might not be necessarily true. But they make a hole in your pockets. I’m being critical of them as i focus on affordable web hosting services.

And then there are Davids (younger) who do not have that much promotional strategy but sure their services speaks for themselves, their slogans run short of catchiness, don’t have big bucks to run advertisements, But on the services  front they are no different from their contemporaries. Like

As long as you say “No!” consciously to Go Daddy help/sales reps (they’re essentially one in the same) you’re going to be good. This is also true of other major hosting providers.

2. Reliability:

You will want to be assured of your choice of web hosting providers to be up and running all day long, throughout the week, all the year i.e. they’ve the reputations of running the servers online 24*7. With a lot of options out there, you should not compromise on getting a service , less than 99% of uptime. Uptime refers to the system itself being online.

3. Reviews:

Once you have a foggy picture in mind of the web hosting services try to read the reviews of their clients being hosted on their servers. If they are happy or not. Because, if you decide about host and you are not happy about it. Kudos!!!!  You have the liberty to change your host. So there is no problem. But it’s not a trivial task for someone new to this end of technology, and it’s better to just not need to.

If it becomes necessary, don’t stress out. The good news is that your hosting provider knows this, too, and it gives them an impulse to provide decent help and service.

4. The one who lets you lead:

The most important factor upon choosing hosting service is the one who will allow you enough control over your site to get things done. Whatever option you choose, you  want to make sure your hosting provider has a few things going for them.

5. Technical Aspects:

FTP Access and SSH Access: If you are still bothered about these terminologies don’t bother anymore. In layman’s term they’re the go-between services through which your computer can talk directly to your server (and thereby your website) without going via public-facing side of the site.

This is important to either you or the person aiding you with your website at some point of time. For many sites, this access is the only way forward to fix a major hiccup on the backend of the site, and if you do not have access to this, means you’ll have to wait for the technical support team of the hosting provider to fix it. Not ideal, I Guess.